Custom 3D-printed Rims, that fits LEGO Speed Champions style wheels. Is delivered as a set of 4 rims. 


Ages 12+

(Tires and wheels, not included)


If you want to buy 5 sets of ANY of the rims in ANY of the colors you want. Use Promo Code “5setRims” when you check out and you’ll get almost 50% off!


This rim is actually a bit of an older design of mine, that’s just been staying as a digital file. Until I decided to use it for my bmw 135i, I recreated and uploaded a video of, on my YouTube channel. And speaking of bmw, this actually started out as a bit of a bmw inspired rim. But as I wanted to have a rim, that would work with a lot of different car models, I started to take inspiration from some other sporty rims I came over, as well. And yeah this became the result: A relatively clean looking, sporty rim, that doesn’t stick out that much, but looks sooooo good on a lot of different car models! And yeah, hope you’ll find some good uses for this rim.