Inspired by Nissan Skyline R32, as a complete Set made out of Original new Lego parts and Custom 3D-printed Rims!

The model features openable doors and it fits 4 minifigs.


Ages 12+


Delivery time is about 1-2month!


This is actually a model I designed a while back, so it took me some time before I manage to release it, but here it is now!

Compare to most of my newer models, which I nowadays almost always design i.r.l, to begin with. This particular model, was actually completely designed digitally. Personally, I so much more prefer to design models i.r.l. As I think I get a better feel, for the model I’m designing, it’s more enjoyable and I just like to work with my hands and actual real lego bricks. But sometimes, it can be very beneficial to design models digitally, as you get an endless amount of parts. And I actually think the reason why I created the R32 digitally, was just because I knew, I was going to need quite a few parts I didn’t owned, at the time.

But anyway, I think the model turned out really good, especially the front grille and headlights, in my opinion. And of course, as I’ve now released it, I had to, in the end order the parts I was missing, to be able to test build it. Which I always like to do with all of my models before I release them.

Really hope this will be a popular model and looking forward to your order!


Skill level: intermediate


Durability: Medium

Inspired by Nissan Skyline R32 - White (Set)