Custom 3D-printed Rims, that fits LEGO Speed Champions style wheels. Is delivered as a set of 4 rims. 


Ages 12+

(Tires and wheels, not included)


If you want to buy 5 sets of ANY of the rims in ANY of the colors you want. Use Promo Code “5setRims” when you check out and you’ll get almost 50% off!

Have gotten SOOOOOO many requests for different versions (that basically look the same, at least to me) of this JDM style rim! So therefore, this rim was an absolute must, to include in the first batch of rims I release. It’s actually almost, the same rim, that I included in the Nismo Set, but not quite. The biggest difference is the bolts. If you look really closely, you can notice that this rim has some six sided bolt designs, that sticks up. While the rim on the Nismo Set, has tiny holes instead. Then it’s a tiny bit difference in the overall shaping, but that’s hardly even noticeable. I really hope this rim will be as popular as I think it will be. And again, really looking forward to seeing some awesome JDM cars (or other cars) that you create with this rim on them!