Inspired by Porsche 964, as a complete Set made out of Original new Lego parts and Custom 3D-printed Rims!

The model features openable doors, trunk, engine bay and it fits 2 minifigs.


Ages 12+


Delivery time is about 1-2 month!


This is my dream car, at the time I’m writing this! It’s a Singer inspired 964. If you haven’t heard about Singer before, they are a company that basically rebuilds and modifies Porsche 964s to perfection. I can say that it was incredibly difficult to design something in Lego, that resembles their cars, which are just gorgeous pieces of art and engineering. But I did my absolute best and I am really happy with the result. Even though it’s extremely hard to give their beautiful cars, justice.


Skill level: intermediate 


Durability: Medium

Inspired by Porsche 964 - White (Set)