Inspired by Lamborghini Urus, as a complete Set made out of Original new Lego parts and Custom 3D-printed Rims!

The model features openable front doors and engine bay. And it fits 4 minifigs.


Ages 12+


Delivery time is about 1-2month!


So the Urus is the first Set out of my, hopefully, new era, of a bit less expensive Sets, with digital instead of printed instructions.

The funny thing though, is that I’m actually not at all an SUV fan. As of now at least, I can’t really imagine myself, ever getting an SUV. But still, I can think many SUVs look kinda cool. And it’s especially hard to hide the fact that the Urus has a pretty bad ass look, that’s hard to resist. So in the end, the Urus was actually one of the most enjoyable cars to design, out of all the cars I’ve ever designed!

Anyway, I’m really happy with the finished model and I really hope you will be happy with it, as well!


Skill level: intermediate


Durability: Medium

Inspired by Lamborghini Urus - Yellow (Set)