Inspired by Ferrari 488 Pista, as a complete Set made out of Original new Lego parts and Custom 3D-printed Rims!

The model fits just about 2 minifigs.


Ages 12+


Delivery time is about 1-2month!


I hadn’t actually at all planned to design this. In fact, I started with the intention to recreate the F40, as that has been and still is, the most requested Ferrari. (So will absolutely do that in the future). But when I just got a lot more ideas and motivation for designing the Pista, I just had to do that instead.
Even though this car doesn’t feature any openable things, it’s still a pretty complex model. Just because all the extreme shaping, many and tiny details and all the strange (or creative) connections, everywhere.
In the end, I’m very happy with how this design turned out and I hope you will be, as well!


Skill level: intermediate


Durability: Medium

Inspired by Ferrari 488 Pista - Red (Set)