Custom 3D-printed Rims, that fits LEGO Speed Champions style wheels. Is delivered as a set of 4 rims. 


Ages 12+

(Tires and wheels, not included)


If you want to buy 5 sets of ANY of the rims in ANY of the colors you want. Use Promo Code “5setRims” when you check out and you’ll get almost 50% off!


All my rims are available in four different colors! If you want to see how any of the other colors look, just check out the other rims.

But if you’re really really interested in seeing a particular rim in a particular color, before you buy it. Just contact me and I might be able to arrange something for you!


Another requested rim, that just so happened to work, very well, with one specific Speed Champions set. This was also a pretty tricky rim to create. Again because of the unsymmetrical design along with some quite complex curvature. But it sure turned out good and I have to say that it’s my personal favorite, out of this weeks batch of rims. And I really hope you will like it too!