Custom 3D-printed Rims, that fits LEGO Speed Champions style wheels. Is delivered as a set of 4 rims.


Ages 12+

(Tires and wheels, not included)


If you want to buy 5 sets of ANY of the rims in ANY of the colors you want. Use Promo Code “5setRims” when you check out and you’ll get almost 50% off!


When I saw the pictures of this rim, it immediately caught my eyes, because it looked so familiar to me. I don’t know if it’s just because I’ve seen this rim, on a lot of classic American cars, online. But I actually think it might have been, at least a familiar rim to this, that my grandfather (who was a huge fan of classic american cars) had on his old Pontiac. Anyway, I had a really strong urge to design and release this rim. And that’s also why this had to be included, in the first batch of rims, I release!

Sooooo excited to see the models you put this rim on!!!

Classic M-2