About David Elisson

Hi! My name is David and I'm the founder of Bricks, Blocks & MOCs. I’ve always been that disobedient kid who refused to do what society tells me to, seeing where everyone else is going and going the other way, letting obligations take the back seat and focusing on what lights me up. That rebellious fire is still burning in me to this day, and BB&M is my way to keep doing what has been a passion of mine from the very beginning. I want to inspire others to pick up that childhood torch, right where they left it!


Ever since I was a little kid, I have always loved creating things, doing my own projects and diving deep with the different hobbies that captured my interest - playing the guitar, cooking, constructing everything from foamboard airplanes to soapbox cars, and, of course, lego building. 

    As I grew older, I started taking my interests and projects a lot more seriously. In high school, together with a friend, I started developing my first serious product - an ergonomically designed pen that served the function of relieving tension in your hand when writing. We sold a few copies but it didn’t turn out to be a huge success.


After that, I kept the entrepreneurial endeavors rolling on my own, and went on to develop a high end water sports product called the Water Jet Wing. It was mostly constructed in carbon fiber and consisted of two wing halves with an electric water jet on each wing end, that together put out 7.6 bhp. Unfortunately, due to lack of money and passion for the project, it didn’t make it past the prototyping phase.

    Determined to keep working where my true passion lay, I started trying to earn some money from my Lego interest, selling custom Lego creations to companies as a kind of visual branding. As you can see, I have always been good at starting up new projects and things but not so good at finishing them. Unfortunately, this was no exception.

    In my most recent project, me and a friend of mine decided that we should start selling hamburgers (cooking being another big interest of mine), so we did. We researched all we needed to know to start a food related business, applied for a food service approval, bought a car, built our own pop-up burger joint and started flipping some burgers. It was fun for a while, but soon we realized that the food business wasn’t anything for us.


So now I’m here, working with what is likely my biggest (and probably longest-lasting) passion, creating Lego models and Lego related products. I admit to being totally crazy and obsessed with the idea of filling my days with what many would consider child’s play. But this is me. And I believe that following our passions not only makes a lot of sense, but is essential to every great success. So let's all pick up that childhood torch, right where we left it!